Interest Groups

Patient-Centered Communication in Cancer Care Scientific Interest Group

There are four initial goals of the CRN Patient-Centered Communication and Cancer Care SIG. First, to stimulate interest in new and ongoing research studies related to patient-centered communication and cancer care among CRN investigators and collaborators. Second, to provide support for CRN investigators and collaborators seeking to develop proposals for collaborative communication-related research projects consistent with the mission of the CRN. Third, to provide a forum for discussion of ideas and sharing of resources related to patient-centered communication and cancer care. And last, to provide an opportunity for CRN investigators and collaborators to exchange feedback on study ideas and ongoing studies.

Survivorship Scientific Interest Group

The goal of the Survivorship Interest Group is two-fold. First, we aim to facilitate survivorship research by providing an opportunity to discuss ideas, identify collaborators, and access prior survivorship research experience. Second, we serve as a venue to exchange news and perspectives on survivorship research. The Group involves scientists from the CRN and from other institutions, and communicates via email listserv and teleconference.

Family History Scientific Interest Group

The group plans to identify proposals and to work with NCI, DHHS and the CDC's Family Healthware tool.