Assessment Tool for Potential Transfers: Checklist for Three Roles in the Transfer Process

A checklist that identifies practices and factors associated with more successful transfer of effective innovations within Kaiser Permanente. Separate checklists are provided for senior leaders, lead implementers/change agents, and physician champions.

Consort Plus Figure

A standardized reporting figure that outlines the characteristics of program participants. This figure is useful for individuals who want to enhance representativeness (record information on factors affecting each RE-AIM dimension). This flowchart is especially useful in identifying whether or not participants reflect the range of people with a particular problem being investigated.

RE-AIM Checklist for Study or Intervention Planning

Provides the definition and the importance for each element of the RE-AIM framework and discusses ways how to use the different elements to have a greater positive impact.

RE-AIM Planning Tool

A program planning guide organized in terms of questions to consider during sequential stages of an intervention. The questions focus on each of the five RE-AIM dimensions.

Research Implementation Figure

Provides a generalized illustration of respective roles when research and clinical/community partners collaborate. This illustration also identifies potential implementation steps during the collaboration process.

Transparent Reporting of Evaluations with Nonrandomized Designs (TREND)

We would like to inform you of efforts to improve the reporting standards for nonrandomized evaluations of behavioral and public
health interventions.

The TREND statement complements the widely adopted CONsolidated Standards Of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) statement developed for randomized controlled trials. Information on reporting guidelines was published in the American Journal of Public Health in 2004. This publication provides a 22-item checklist specifically developed to guide standardized reporting of nonrandomized controlled trials. The TREND Checklist can be downloaded directly from the CDC website (, along with a free pdf of the AJPH article that provides additional information about the TREND effort, process, and rationale for these reporting elements.

The RUSH Toolbox

The RUSH Toolbox is a collection of tools and resources designed to assist researchers in creating or maintaining an integrated knowledge translation (KT) plan for high-quality disability and rehabilitation research. The RUSH toolbox will provide access to information related to KT, dissemination, and utilization.

The Spectrum of Prevention

A six-level framework that expands prevention efforts beyond education models by promoting a multifaceted range of activities for a more comprehensive and effective understanding of prevention. The Spectrum identifies multiple levels of intervention and encourages people to move beyond the perception that prevention is about teaching healthy behaviors. The Spectrum's six levels for strategy development provide a framework for a more comprehensive understanding of prevention.