Dissemination & Implementation Models

Includes 61 models included in the following article: Tabak RG, Khoong EC, Chambers D, Brownson RC. 2013. Models in dissemination and implementation research: useful tools in public health services and systems research. Frontiers in Public Health Services and Systems ResearchVol. 2(1).

Innovation Attributes Measurement

Innovation attributes are most often measured as the perceptions by potential adopters of the characteristics associated with a particular innovation. This document discusses different methods for the measurement of these attributes.

Measurement of the 5 As of Behavioral Counseling Article and Tools

Manuscript provides clinicians and researchers with alternatives for assessment of 5As implementation for both quality improvement, and for research and evaluation purposes.

Opinion Leadership Measurement

Discusses the concept of and offers methods for the measurement of opinion leadership.

Potential for Adoption Rating Tool

Article presents three new concepts in innovation diffusion; (1) the attribute matrix; (2) the innovation profile; and (3) the potential for adoption rating (or PAR score) as a tool aiding the prediction of which among a set of similar innovations is most likely to be adopted.

Practical Behavioral Measures Article and Scales

Manuscript discusses criteria and makes recommendations for self-report measures to briefly assess cigarette smoking, eating patterns, physical activity and risky drinking across the life course.