Assessment of Primary Care Resources and Support Scale (PCRS)

This survey was developed by the Advancing Diabetes Self-management Program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Diabetes Initiative. The purpose of this scale is to help primary care settings focus on actions that can be taken to support self-management by patients with chronic diseases. This tool is for those in primary health care settings that are interested in or working on changes consistent with the Chronic Care Model.

Designing and Evaluating Communication Programs

Many of our public health interventions rely on communication messages and communicative relationships to achieve change objectives. This quiz contains questions that focus on knowledge and purposes of health communication programs, their design, and evaluation.

Planning for Dissemination Tool from St. Louis University - School of Public Health

This web tool is designed to assist scholars and practitioners in planning for dissemination early on. It focuses on the audience, process, and timing of dissemination. Through use of this tool, planners can anticipate dissemination issues in advance, likely resulting in more effective translation of science into practice. Once the online tool/questionnaire is completed, a summary report is provided to the user.

Planning Tool to Guide Dissemination of Research Results

This tool helps researchers evaluate their research and develop appropriate dissemination plans, if the research is determined to have "real-world" impact. It is designed to prompt thinking about the processes that one would use to disseminate findings or products. This tool will ask for identification of potential aspects of research that are ready for dissemination, and to think about who could benefit from the findings or products. It also encourages consideration of various ways to reach these users.


This self-rating quiz stimulates thinking during planning and implementation about program aspects that are often ignored or considered only after the conclusion a program. The quiz is rather short and covers all 5 dimensions of RE-AIM. Summary scores for each dimension are provided as well as possible ways to improve on each dimension.

Who's Who in Organizational Change Quiz

Change agents, adopters, sponsors, champions, opinion leaders. These labels get used a lot in discussions of organizational change. Test your knowledge about who's who by matching the label to the description.