Social Networking

PARTNER: Program to Analyze, Record, and Track Networks to Enhance Relationships

PARTNER is a social network analysis tool designed to measure and monitor collaboration among people/organizations. The tool is free (sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) and designed for use by collaboratives/coalitions to demonstrate how members are connected, how resources are leveraged and exchanged, the levels of trust, and to link outcomes to the process of collaboration. The tool includes an online survey that you can administer to collect data and an analysis program that analyzes these data. By using the tool, you will be able to demonstrate to stakeholders, partners, evaluators, and funders how your collaborative activity has changed over time and progress made in regard to how community members and organizations participate.

Using PARTNER, you will be able to analyze relationships in three ways:

1. Create visuals (similar to the image to the right) to see who is connected to whom.
2. Assess network scores including metrics on the number and quality of relationships, the trust between partners, the value that each partner brings to the larger collaborative, and assessments of the roles that each member of the collaborative play based on how they are connected to others.

3. Assess outcomes measures to indicate process and products achieved as a result of collaborating across sectors.

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