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Assessing "readiness" is something that we often seek to do in social change research and in social change practice. Often, though, the readiness assessed only concerns the end-user social system that will be targeted for change or that will be invited into some sort of participative change process. For example, communities may be assessed for their degree of readiness in organizing to prevent homelessness. Those scores might then be used to determine which communities are "ready" to engage in change.

Unfortunately, there are two other component parts that are critical for successful social change: The innovation that will be introduced to the targeted social system, and those organizational stakeholders who sponsor and who will be responsible for delivering the innovation to the targeted end-user social system. Rarely do we assess the readiness of innovations themselves, or the readiness of the resource or intermediary delivery system that will get the innovation to the end-user social system. But there is no reason this cannot be done!

We've done some work along these lines of parsing out types of readiness assessments. If you're interested, let me know. If you've also done some work like this, let me know!

Jim Dearing
Director/PI, CCRC

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