Cancer Communication Research Center

A number of people ask me about our Cancer Communication Research Center. What's it like, how big is the office and the staff, don't they like living in Denver. Most are impressed that we have so many communication and cancer researchers in one place.

And of course we are nothing of the sort. We are a virtual center. While we do have researchers and staff in our Denver office, they work on many other sorts of work too (like pediatric research and occupational research) and most of the researchers working on CCRC projects are based across the country, in different healthcare organizations (like Kathy Mazor at Meyers Primary Care in Massachusetts) and in universities (such as Tom Gallagher at the University of Washington or Rick Street at Texas A&M). This has a number of implications but one of them is that there's a lot of points of entry into this research center, and if you want to get involved, you can.

When I was a grad student, I knew that universities hired researchers (oh yeah, we taught and advised, too) and that many of those researchers worked collaboratively in "invisible colleges" with peer faculty elsewhere, coming together annually at their professional association conferences. I had no clue that healthcare organizations had their own research units. Well, our research center spans across researchers in both sorts of units or departments. And by becoming involved with us you can make connections with researchers in both of those sorts of departments. Help us get to know who you are and what you know!

Jim Dearing
Director/PI, CCRC

Written by CCRC at 13:17




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