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Research winding down, products gearing up!


Sometimes when you conduct research the only results worth communicating get embedded in academic journal articles.  Other times, the research has meaningful "real-world" application for people who won't bother with reading academic journals.  Our center is approaching this latter situation.  We have a number of studies in their last stages and with very promising implications for healthcare organization leaders, managers, physicians and nurses.  So our research teams are now planning for the transition to creating, refining, and pre-testing "applied products" to help improve health and healthcare.  Some products will be simple:  Borchures, reminders that pop up in EMRs, checklists.  Simple can be good (and cheap).  Other products may be more involved such as training programs and CME courses.  This will be the focus of our 2013 annual meeting.  It's very cool when you work with researchers who really, really care about making a difference!  And there are lots of little roles for research expertise in the production process of applied products.  If you'd like to get involved, let me know. 

Jim Dearing
Director/PI, CCRC

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