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The elements for great care


If you have not yet read the reflection by David Gustafson in the "A Piece of Mind" section of JAMA from January 16 this year, please do yourself a favor and look this piece up!

Dave Gustafson - an accomplished systems enginner for healthcare delivery processes (including the father of the greatly succesful CHESS program) and the director of one of our sister CECCRs (the one at the University of Wisconsin) shares his experience as a patient (A Systems Engineer meets the system).

Let me share one thought from Dave on how to achieve greatness in care delivery:

"How do you get people to work with this kind of dedication?

One answer, I've learned, is to hire on attitude. Look for people with the energy that suggests the capacity for this kind of commitment. Another answer: Don't tolerate mediocrity. The burden caused by medicore people falls on conscientious people. If the burden becomes too great, the conscientious people leave. You're left with mediocrity. Finally, lead by example. This starts with the chief executive officer personally experiencing what it's like to be a patient in your organization. This means doing a "walk-through." A walk-through gives the leader who does it first-hand experience of what is and what isn't working. It produces a list of things to fix and a greater urgency to fix them."


Borsika Rabin
Staff Researcher/Research Coordinator

Written by CCRC at 10:38




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