Implementing CHESS eHealth Breast Cancer Support in Population-based Care

Co-PIs: Jim Dearing, PhD and Alanna Kulchak Rahm, PhD, Institute for Health Research, KPCO

This project is a real-world implementation of an Interactive Cancer Communication System (ICCS), called CHESS. CHESS has been well researched and validated as a tool for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and will be integrated as part of standard clinical care at KPCO and ESJH during phase 1 of this project. During Phase 2 of this project, research staff will evaluate the implementation to answer the "how much" and "why" questions surrounding real-world implementation of new technology. We will assess how effectively CHESS is offered to patients at each institution as part of standard care, what proportion of patients utilize the CHESS system and how often, why some women use it and some do not, to what extent women use the system, how do staff perceptions and actions affect patient perceptions and use, is CHESS use related to patient satisfaction and quality of life, and do organizational strategies affect CHESS adoption and use.

The data from this study will be relevant to decisions about whether and how to disseminate other ICCS, especially in health care systems where the intervention might be integrated with other aspects of patient care.

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