Narrative Library

A Dissemination and Implementation Narrative Video Library for Researchers and Practitioners

PI: Borsika A. Rabin, PhD, MPH, PharmD, Institute for Health Research, KPCO

This project will develop version 1.0 of a freely accessible online library containing video vignettes for researchers and practitioners who are interested in disseminating and implementing evidence-based practices, programs, and tools for cancer prevention and care. A video vignette is a brief visually encoded digital file that communicates "how-to" knowledge in narrative form that models a solution to a particular problem. Each video vignette in this collection will highlight a discussion with a leading researcher or practitioner who will describe one problem in the process of dissemination and implementation (D&I) and show viewers how he/she solved this problem.

The proposed Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Narrative Video Library project has three specific aims that seek to:

1. create a searchable pilot database of video vignettes and corresponding text transcripts on key cutting edge issues in D&I (D&I Narrative Video Library).

2. embed each video vignette and its corresponding text transcript file into the Make Research Matter (MRM) D&I Planning Tool that is currently under construction with NCI funding and that uses the Michigan Tailoring System as its backbone.

3. collect formative research from representative potential users of the D&I Narrative Video Library.

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