Optimal Model

Testing an Optimal Model of Patient-Centered Cancer Care

PI: Ed Wagner, MD, MPH, Group Health Research Institute

The primary goal is to assess the impact on quality of life, quality of care, and other outcomes of an Oncology Nurse Care Management program for newly diagnosed breast, colorectal, and lung cancer patients.

Specific aims are:

1. to develop a robust early cancer notification system based on automated data to facilitate intervention shortly after cancer diagnosis.

2. to implement an Oncology Nurse Care Management program that addresses patient questions, symptoms, psychosocial needs, and facilitates timely, coordinated care.

3. to compare the impact of the Oncology Nurse Care Manager Program with enhanced usual care in Group Health cancer patients using a randomized clinical trial design. Our two primary outcomes are quality of life and patients' perspectives of quality of care. As secondary outcomes, we will evaluate the impact of the intervention on psychosocial distress and depression.

4. to compare the impact of the nurse intervention on primary care physicians in different Group Health (GH) delivery models - capitated GH primary care and cancer specialty services; and capitated GH primary care and contracted external specialty services.

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