Formative Research to Prepare to Assess Patient-Centered Communication in Cancer Care

PI: Kathy Mazor, EdD, Meyers Primary Care Institute

Specific aims are:

1. to identify the items from the pool generated by the current RTI project, data collection interfaces and feedback reporting systems which encourage patients and family members to accurately report their experiences with patient centered communication during cancer care, and which can be incorporated into a sustainable data collection and reporting system that is used and endorsed by patients, providers, and organizational and national stakeholders.

2. to develop a prototype system (including refined items, data collection interfaces, and feedback reports) that is flexible, customizable, generalizable, and independent of, yet compatible with, the specific health information technologies in use at a given site.

3. to pilot test the prototype system in two healthcare organizations (HMOs), in order to identify and address issues related to the reach, adoption, implementation, maintenance and dissemination across organizations.

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