Stage One Feasibility Testing of the Cancer Survival Query System

PI: Borsika A. Rabin, PhD, MPH, PharmD, Institute for Health Research, KPCO

The goal of this project is to conduct formative research to better understand physician perceptions about adoption and use of the CSQS in everyday practice.

Specific research questions:

1. How do specialty and primary care physicians perceive the CSQS in terms of compatibility with beliefs and practice conditions, status, data quality, utility, appearance, usability, cost, simplicity, and ease of trying?

2. Which types of physicians would find the CSQS most useful, and why?

3. When would physicians use the CSQS, and why?

4. What changes to the CSQS would most appeal to physicians?

5. If CSQS prognostic data are to be shared with patients, how should this be done, and with what other types and forms of information?

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