NCCS Toolbox

Evaluation of the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship Cancer Survival Toolbox

PI: Bridget Gaglio, PhD, MPH, MAPRI

This proposed study is a collaboration between Kaiser Permanente - Colorado's (KPCO) Institute for Health Research (IHR) and the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS). The NCCS is a non-profit organization and is a well-established survivor-led cancer advocacy organization, advocating for quality cancer care for all Americans and empowering cancer survivors. Additional information regarding the organization can be found at (NCCS, 2010).

The specific aims for this project are:

1. to understand patient's views on current cancer-related health information resources, unmet needs for health communication, and current information seeking behaviors.

2. to assess how patients and their caregivers (e.g., family members) react to the NCCS toolbox in terms of the content, usability (in terms of how and when toolbox is used), and to determine optimal approaches (in terms of modality and language) for sharing advocacy information with patients and caregivers.

3. to investigate the optimal time (in relation to diagnosis and setting) for introducing patients and their caregivers to the NCCS toolbox in a healthcare delivery system.

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