Training & Education Core (Fellows)

2011 Fellows

In the summer of 2011, 15 doctoral students from across the country gathered in Denver to attend a three day seminar. These first and second year students, representing the schools of communications, public health, or other related field, learned about plausible topics that a fellow could later pursue for study in cancer communication research as it relates to healthcare organizations. This doctoral seminar was made possible with funding from the U.S. National Cancer Institute in an award to the Cancer Communication Research Center (, an NCI-designated Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research.

Fellows were paired with and learned from seminar faculty about professional, regulatory, organizational, team, and individual factors that affect communication in healthcare organizations. Seminar faculty were healthcare providers, prevention specialists, information technology experts, operations leaders, and researchers in Kaiser Permanente, the largest nonprofit non-governmental healthcare system in the U.S. Fellows and faculty interacted one on one in half-day shadowing as faculty go about their work, in seminar, and during social times. The fellowship paid travel-related costs of fellows including round trip flight to Denver, 3 nights hotel, and meals. Fellows received a $1000 honorarium for a brief paper describing a research opportunity from their paradigmatic perspective based on what they have learned.

The fellows for Summer 2011 are:

  • Paula Baldwin
  • Kisha Coa
  • Patrick Dillon
  • Rachel Faulkenberry
  • Whitney Jones
  • Rebekka Lee
  • Li Lu
  • Minal Patel
  • Susana Peinado
  • Adam Richards
  • Rui Shi
  • Kathleen Stansberry
  • Rannie Teodoro
  • Richard Wood
  • Sunny Zhao

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