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2013 Publications

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2012 Publications

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2011 Publications

Dunn AL, Buller DB, Dearing JW, Cutter G, Guerra M, Wilcox S, Bettinghaus EP. Adopting an evidence-based lifestyle physical activity program: dissemination study design and methods. Transl Behav Med.

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2010 Publications

Dearing JW, Kreuter MW. Designing for diffusion: How can we increase uptake of cancer communication innovations? Patient Educ Couns. 2010 Dec, (81)S1, S100-S110. PMID: 21067884.

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2009 Publications

Beck A, Bergman D, Rahm A, Dearing JW, Glasgow R. Using Implementation and Dissemination Concepts to Spread 21st-century Well-Child Care at a Health Maintenance Organization. Perm J.2009 Summer; 13(3): 10-18. PMCID:PMC2911806

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2008 Publications

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2007 Publications

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The Permanente Journal, Summer 2007/Vol. 11, No.3


Other CRN-CCRC Personnel Publications

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